About Lenore

When I was in kindergarten I would string pasta and wooden beads.  My teacher told me that I needed to make my necklace “even”.   Years have gone by and I am once again stringing beads, still fascinated by color, texture and asymmetry.

Starting a necklace is an interesting process.  My beads are basically sorted by color. Getting started has no boundaries and there is a paradox of setting limits.  I can start in one direction and end up in an entirely different place.  Being self-taught about technique, I enjoy exploring ways of doing things, learning from others, reading books and from my own mistakes.   I hope you enjoy these necklaces as much as I enjoy making them.

I grew up in New York and part of me will always be a New Yorker.  I am certainly a Californian by choice with some time in Chicago……and my many travels to South America and Europe were always enriching and gave me inspiraton.